Vote Tuesday, then party!

Tomorrow (Tuesday), District 12 residents will finally have their say. Again, I am grateful for the conversations I’ve had with my neighbors over the past several months. Tonight, I finished my second round through Mendota Hills. That completed two complete circuits of the entire district (as well as the third stop I made in a couple neighborhoods over the weekend).

After doing doors, I completed my primary campaign where it began - by attending a Sherman Neighborhood Association meeting. I am very grateful for the support I initially received from my neighbors when I first considered running for office and am thrilled that so many will be voting tomorrow.

So to the residents of District 12: Please vote tomorrow (click here to see where you vote). I hope I can have your trust. I promise I will bring my passion for working to make Madison a better place for everyone if you give me that chance.

After the polls close, please join me and my supporters at Slice’s Bar and Grill at 2417 Pennsylvania Ave (between Demetral Field and Union Cab). I’m hoping for a positive result, but regardless of the outcome I am very proud of the campaign we ran and look forward to a successful conclusion of our primary election efforts tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

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