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Thank You!

Obviously, this morning finds me very disappointed with last night’s results. Once the field was set, I knew I had a daunting task ahead of me and set out to work. And work extremely hard I did. I put together a great campaign team and group of volunteers who did everything I asked of them […]


Vote Tuesday, then party!

Tomorrow (Tuesday), District 12 residents will finally have their say. Again, I am grateful for the conversations I’ve had with my neighbors over the past several months. Tonight, I finished my second round through Mendota Hills. That completed two complete circuits of the entire district (as well as the third stop I made in a […]


Coming down the stretch

It certainly has been a bit too busy to blog these days. I have been working furiously to reach as many District 12 voters as possible and after over 3600 door-knockings and conversations with over 1200 District 12 voters, I feel like I’m in a great position to make it through Tuesday’s Primary. Over the […]


On the air

Earlier this week, I taped the “Know Your Candidates” forum with my opponents. It is now available online for viewing by clicking here:
Know Your Candidates District 12 - Requires Real Player
These are sponsored by Madison City Channel and the League of Women Voters of Dane County. I’ve watched them for years and was thrilled with […]


Campaign Finance Report - January

Mike Basford’s January 2007 Campaign Finance Report
This is my campaign finance report for the year ending December 31, 2007. I raised an amount that I thought would be necessary to be competitive and I am proud that the 90%+ contributions from Dane County reflect my deep ties to this community.


More support

Today was a great day for the campaign. I spent a few hours at the doors around East High School identifying more supporters as people continue to make up their minds. Then I had a highly-successful fundraiser at the Harmony with Jim Schwall and David Spies and Friends. Then I came home to find a […]


Growing Support

As the campaign continues, I have been amazed with the response I have been getting. More and more people at the doors are telling me they are ready for change on the Madison Common Council and that they want me to be a part of that change. And the support from community leaders and organizations […]


Music for Mike

Ready to make some more noise in the District 12 race?
You are invited to “Music for Mike” - a benefit for my campaign on Sunday, January 28th from 4:00 to 7:00PM at the Harmony Bar (2201 Atwood Ave) featuring District 12 resident and Madison musical legend Jim Schwall. Opening will be David […]


Reinstalled Blog

I had to reinstall Wordpress on the server and my previous posts seemed to have gone away. Stay tuned as I will be starting to add more content to the blog and site over the next few days.
- Mike